I got this book because it was a freebie on Kindle and wow, I thought it was perfect timing because of the whole erotica craze right now. I’ve always said that Bella Andre always writes delicious heroes, but this is the first hero of hers that was a little more dominate (and did I mention very, very sexy?) Luke Carson is a trauma surgeon and with that occupation comes a lot of stress and responsibility. And of course, to keep things sexy, he requires an outlet to release that pent up tension. The answer? Janica Ellis, the fun and flirt fashion designer. What a lucky gal!

When Luke can’t stop his head from spinning with thoughts of Janica, he finds himself at her doorstep where she is about to engage in some fun activities with two other guys. The possessive beast within him emerges and readers get a glimpse of the sexiest man in fiction! I loved the way Luke manhandled her and basically told the other two guys to take a hike. Luke came and conquered, it’s as simple as that.

LOVE ME is as sexy as it gets and it’s one that will make your toes curls. Filled with heart and heat, it really solidified the fact that Bella Andre just knows how to write ensnaring stories that captivate readers. I loved LOVE ME.

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