“A beautifully touching story” ~Under the Covers

This is one of those sad but feel good stories about facing and overcoming adversities.  I was almost in tears from the very beginning when we meet Hanna, Ken’s daughter.  She’s been sick and now is diagnosed with cancer.  They had just moved to a new town when this happens and after the first round of treatment, Ken’s longtime boyfriend decides to dump him.

It was sad to see Hanna go through her stages of being a happy and active kid, and then revert to being sick.  Ken was strong throughout this and the last thing on his mind might’ve been finding another boyfriend.   Except a really good looking and sweet man lived down the street from them.  And you couldn’t help but notice the acts of kindness from him all the time.

But then he found out that Patrick couldn’t speak.  We don’t know at first why but his story is also very sad but it shows his strength that he’s still pushing through after everything that has happened to him.

Patrick is the perfect compliment to Ken AND Hanna.  Together they make a beautiful family.  It was incredibly sweet to see Ken show Patrick his acceptance and his love, a love that built with time and it wasn’t rushed.  A loved that felt true and it warmed my heart.

This was a beautifully touching story, and I wish I could read more like it.



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  1. Thanks Francesca for a great review, sound like a book I could really enjoy, going to check it out on Amazon now.

  2. OMG–Francesca, this tear jerker is a must read for me. Sometimes I need these kinds of books just to clear out my mushy- mushy feelings with a good crying jag.
    Beter buy some Kleenex when I buy the book!

    Thanks for the great review and twisting my arm –again. My wallet hates you.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Andrew Grey but haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of his work…thanks for the great review Francesca!