“The chemistry between these two really kept me interested in the story!” ~Under the Covers

Julie Fraser is America’s Sweetheart.  She’s a successful actress, she has fame and fortune.  Has it all, right?  But deep inside she’s just a regular girl who gets lonely and wants to be liked herself not her Hollywood persona.  Only now she has one more problem.  Someone is trying to kill her.

She’s just lucky to have had a hunky man to protect her at every attempt on her life.  Troy is posing as a bodyguard when in reality he’s a PI trying to figure out if Julie is sleeping with his client’s husband.

Julie is a very down to earth heroine, despite all her Hollywood glam.  You can almost forget she’s a celebrity.  She just makes you relate to her and cheer her on.  Not making any stupid decisions, most of the time.  Troy is the typical tall, dark and reserved type.  You can tell there’s something to him but I couldn’t quite figure him out.  Together they blended perfectly.  The chemistry between these two really kept me interested in the story!

Of course there was a psycho to uncover.  But as I’ve found in Ms. Adams previous books, it’s always the most obvious and often hurtful betrayal.  I should say, I should’ve seen it coming, but I didn’t really.

Now what really threw me for a loop and was a refreshing twist was finding out about Troy’s past.  This last addition to the plot closer to the end was a sure way to spice things up a bit when they were getting a little dull.  I knew he had to carry some baggage around, but he wasn’t even aware of some of it!  Very well done there, Ms. Adams!

I’m not sure who would be left to read about in this series, but I’ll be sure to continue reading her work.  Her writing flows and her stories are full of sexiness and a dash of suspense making for very enjoyable reads, every time!

*ARC provided by publisher

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