I like to read romantic suspense books about special forces agents who are now “out of the lifestyle”. Or at least they are no longer working for the government. In this story, Cameron Moore is a Delta Force operative who can’t seem to get away from his career. He was rescued from a bad path by his boss Gabriel, and for whom he has killed many people, usually not knowing the reason why.

After many attempts to go under the radar, Cam now has an opportunity to get back at Gabriel. Through his daughter Skylar. She is a successful author, who has recently had a very delicate surgery, and that has put her on the map as the daughter of Cam’s worst nightmare. His plan? Seduce her, kidnap her, and if necessary… kill her.

I found both the hero and heroine very likable. Even though sometimes it seemed crazy to me that in the environment that Skylar would’ve grown up in, hiding her identity, she trusted Cam right away; and then when she started having doubts she still had to go with it. It was a difficult situation to be put in. But she still managed to get through it without being the victim or the TSTL heroine. So, I liked her!

But of course, as I’ve come to expect with the ACRO books, it’s not all about the main couple. There’s a secondary romance going on in this book.

Cam’s best friend Dylan, who’s had a relationship of sorts for some time with another undercover agent, Riley. They’ve gotten together on assignments where their paths have crossed, had an amazing connection, and have had to betray each other.

Now the time has come for Dylan to go after Riley and not let her walk away this time. Together they can face their mutual enemy and have hopes to defeat him.

Both couples have amazing chemistry and they each have obstacles to overcome along with facing some action. This was a good beginning to the series and I’m intrigued to know what happens next, especially with Dylan’s brother Zane. Can’t wait to read that!

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