Don’t let the innocent rather boring cool blue cover of this anthology fool you like it did me… this book was smokin’ hot .~ Under the Covers

Wow! Don’t let the innocent rather boring cool blue cover of this anthology fool you like it did me… this book was smokin’ hot. Packed full of sexy men with accents designed to melt female knickers Leaving Blue Bayou wasn’t what I expected at all!

Cajun Heat
3 Feathers

Movie star Gabe Broussard has come back to his small home town after being away for ten years, he needs a place to hide out whilst the latest scandal about him dies down. What he doesn’t expect is the lush curvaceous Emma Quinlan, his formerly shy childhood friend to seduce him…

JoAnn Ross really manages to ramp up the sexual tension in Cajun Heat from the minute Gabe and Emma reunite sparks are practically flying across the pages resulting in some pretty spectacular sex scenes, some of which involves a pirate and his captive wench. Although it seemed this jumped from lust to love pretty quickly it was an enjoyable read.

Love Potion #9
2.5 Feathers

Roxi Dupree comes from a long line of witches and voodoo priestesses; however, she is still shocked when the man she is having erotic dreams about is Sloane Hawthorne, a film director who wants her input into his new film script.

I just couldn’t get into this novella, maybe it was because I had just read an almost identical story in Cajun Heat and wanted something a little different. But, whatever the reason I found myself skimming through a lot of this short story. But, what saved Love Potion #9 getting an even lower rating was the sex scenes which were great, they were sensual and just plain hot!

Dear Santa
3 Feathers

Holly hasn’t celebrated Christmas since she was a child, all it brings back are painful memories, however, this all might change when she is rescued by single dad Gabriel after her car crashes. Taken back to the most Christmassy town in America and to Gabe’s inn, Holly begins to fall in love not only with Christmas…

Dear Santa was really sweet, especially compared to the sexually charged previous books; however, it was much the same story wise, only this time it had the added element of a feisty 5 year old girl! But I did enjoy the cute little romance, even if it was a little too saccharine for my tastes.

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