FINALLY! Cullen’s book! Since the first book CLUB SHADOWLANDS , I have been interested in the bartender, Cullen O’Keefe for awhile. His presence throughout the series has made LEAN ON ME, one of the most anticipated stories so far in this series. I was so ready to dive into Cullen’s story!

Andrea has been mistaken for a Domme before. With her height and attitude, she can definitely pull it off. However, Andrea is a submissive at heart and it is now Master Cullen’s job to take this little tiger and tame the claws on this one. Andrea has had a taste of Master Cullen before she becomes one of his trainees in the club, so she knows that he isn’t the care-free easy-going bartender we know him as. He is still a strict Dom. Cullen’s job now is to master Andrea with a firm hand while Andrea needs to control her attack instincts before acting.

Cherise Sinclair takes another route in LEAN ON ME. Instead of the suspense subplot like in the previous book, the obstacle here is the heroine itself. Andrea has had a rough childhood so settling into a fight-or-flight mode is easy for her. Master Cullen teaches her to trust him slowly and have her realize that she doesn’t have to do things on her own all the time. She can ask for help.

Again, Sinclair does a fantastic job of building trust in a relationship. I’m always so fascinated in how she does this. She’s very skilled at what she does and it only enhances the story more.

Cullen was a great Dom. He was demanding, but not overly so. And I loved the fact that his personality still showed through even when he was using his Dom voice.

Sinclair delivers with another great book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series. LEAN ON ME mixes raw sensuality with the underlying basis of trust to make a story that readers can’t miss!


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