Oh Erin, Todd and Ben…how I’ve missed you!  LAID OPEN is a snippet into the lives of three of my favorite characters.  We saw them meet and fall in love, then we saw them grow as their relationship became stronger.  They even had a baby.  And when little ones come into the picture, there’s less time to focus on the grown up relationship.  Especially with some of the more extreme requirements these three have.

So they are going to Fiji.  And I can really just summarize this review by telling you O.M.G. that was freaking HAWT!!!  In such a short amount of time this novella had me burning up.  Todd and Ben are a lot more comfortable around each other and with each other.  They have all adjusted to each other.

Things are not always perfect and there is a little bit of conflict, but it shows how vulnerable they still are.  How human they are.  And for the record, Erin is a lucky bitch and I’m jealous as hell.I do believe this puts a good ending to the Brown Siblings series and it makes me even more anxious to continue the Delicious series.

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  1. Hope you both get to read this but if you haven’t read the Brown Siblings then you MUST!!! The first two books in this series are some of my favorite Lauren Dane books ever.