“LA VIE EN ROSE is thought provoking and hopeful while still twisting your heart.”
~ Under the Covers

I admit I picked this up because that cover was just stunning and I’ve been wanting to read more Lydia Michaels books after I enjoyed the last one I read.  I wish, though, that the blurb would’ve somewhat prepared me for this story because what I wasn’t ready for was a heartbreaking story.  I picked this up right after I read another book that broke my heart, and it made this one just that much harder to get through.  So I will say this, because I don’t want to spoil something that the author obviously didn’t want people to know.  Just go in prepared for a deeply emotional read, and maybe pick this in between some lighter reads.

That being said, I loved that this book is about two people that have basically known each other for years.  Emma (our heroine) lives with her best friend (who is a lesbian) and her brother Riley.  Riley has always seen Emma as his sister’s best friend and nothing more.  But when Emma’s fiance breaks up the engagement, leaving Emma heartbroken, he’s the one that’s there to pick up the pieces.  And what had started out as roommates and good friends for years evolves into a much deeper connection that has to stand the trials life throws at them.

While I don’t think Emma and Riley are characters I’ll be wanting to spend much time with, their story was deeply emotional and beautifully told.  Because this book was all about the story and the way the author made me connect to what they were going through so much more than connecting with the characters themselves.

LA VIE EN ROSE is thought provoking and hopeful while still twisting your heart.  It shows the enduring side of love we don’t often see and that was beautiful and tender to see.  But it also shows the personal growth and strength of the heroine.  All in all, it was a beautiful story.  While it wasn’t easy to read for a big majority of the book, it was definitely worth every second of the emotional journey.




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