I don’t know what attracted me to this book, maybe the really corny cover? The clever pun in the title? But for some reason I really really wanted to read it and I am so glad that I caved when I saw it was only £2.00 at the Kindle shop. Three words best describe this book:

That’s right alien Highlander, that is what the hero reminded me! He was possesive, domineering and arrogant, yet utterly charming. In real life I would brain him- once I had been thoroughly ravished by him ofcourse- but in the book I really liked him, so much so that he and his insatiable alien love stick (or rather trunk!) has earned its way into my harem.The book did have a bit of a plot going on which I mostly ignored as what I really liked about this book was the two main characters Deanna and Lorgan. Deanna was a great heroine, she had been thrown from our world to a completely new galaxy with Lorgan, but being a hardy sci fi fan takes it on the chin and keeps on going. I also loved that she stuck up for herself and didn’t let Lorgan steamroll over her, or atleast did her best to stop him, although she was often overcome by his masculine potency (yes that is almost a direct quote from the book!) this lead to some funny exchanges between the two of them and this is definately a book you don’t read in public it had me laughing out loud several times!

So I really enjoyed this book, it was corny, it was over the top, it had sexy aliens in it and an alien yoda-like character. What more could I ask?!

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