Just as the title would make you guess, Kitty is being called on to help the military. Or well, some soldiers who are now werewolves and lost their alpha. Sort of like a rehabilitation.While that is going on of course Kitty has to get in trouble. She starts off by asking her listeners to report any suspicious vamp activity at any Speedy Mart locations. Of course the owner right away sues her and now she has to prove that she had basis to suspect as her defense.

For this she enlists the help and expertise of Cormac. *sigh* I’ll come back to him in a bit. So Cormac somehow manages to uncover that the owner of Speedy Mart is actually using magic to create major weather-related catastrophes and he’s now planning a huge blizzard.

Again I love how Kitty can get into these situations, still manage to be strong and come out on top. Ben is there to support her. Her pack is loyal to her. It was nice to see that people had her back and her circle of influence is expanding.

And then that brings me back to Cormac. Even though I really enjoyed the storyline and the action and suspense of the whole book I was sadly traumatized to see this new shadow-of-a-person that Cormac has become. Where is my badass, sexy as hell, bad boy who smells like leather and gun powder?!?!? I was not entirely happy with the explanation for his behavior and I hope and pray that in the next book this gets resolved. I still feel that his feelings for Kitty where left unresolved and Kitty’s feeling for him as well. This is still hanging over their heads and I feel some sort of tension still there. Can we please get some sort of closure? It just breaks my heart to hear him say that she looked happy with Ben. I wanted to shake Kitty right there and then. But this is all in my head. I know that’s probably not the direction the series will go in and at some point, maybe I’ll come to terms with it.

A great, action-packed installment and I can’t wait for the next.

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