Review: Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

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Review: Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
Kiss of Snow
Book Info

Released: May 31, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Psy-Changeling #10
Pages: 432

For Nalini Singh’s tenth book of the Psy-Changeling series, we decided to do something special for this Kiss of Snow review. Since we are all big fans of his series, we decided to write a “review” as an IM transcript. Please note that what you read below is actually a real conversation between Francesca and I and that the opinions expressed here are our own and events that take place did in fact happen. 

We hope you enjoy and let us know in the comments if you would like to see more reviews written in this type of format! We’d love to hear your thoughts! 


Francesca: I think we need to give a warning to anyone that will read this book!

Annie: Okay, like this? WARNING! This book is so addictive, so sexy that you’ll need an extra change of panties (or two)!! Will require a day’s rest after reading the orgasmic alpha that is Hawke! Bring your gush bucket! You mean like that?

Francesca: YES!!

Annie: And a defibulator for when your heart stops beating at Hawke’s sexy words!!

Exactly! YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!! OK, so I think we can start with our fangirl crush. How excited are we to finally have Hawke’s book?!?!?! 
Annie: Hawke! Hawke! Hawkee!!!! Hawke has been a favourite of mine every since he flirted with the DarkRiver alpha’s mate, Sascha.

Francesca: Mine too. I feel like I’ve waited forever to read his story! Did you always want his mate to be Sienna?

Annie: Hawke has had my heart since the beginning. And NO, I wanted to be his mate. But if there had to be someone, then yes, Sienna was always the one for him. There was no doubt about that. How do you feel about the age difference between Hawke and Sienna?

Francesca: They’ve been tip-toeing around each other since Hawke took the Laurens’ in, and as long as they waited for her to be adult, the age difference was never an issue for me. However I think it was addressed and dealt with perfectly in this book. My only problem with the age difference…We get 50% of what Hawke could’ve been. What about the romance and all the sexual tension?  

Annie: I think the romance starts off from the very beginning. They have great chemistry. They just haven’t acted upon it yet, you know?

Francesca: I agree. The build up is actually PERFECT. I like that he’s not jumping her every time she offers. LOL

Annie: She’s scared of him. He’s a sexually potent guy and in addition, he’s alpha. She’s young too. Plus a Psy.

Francesca: What was your take on Sienna’s development in character? From previous appearances in other books and her actions/decisions in this book?
Annie: I thinks she has come a long way. I didn’t think I’d like her much. I don’t LOVE her, but I don’t hate her either. I think….I’m jealous mostly.

Francesca: I’m jealous too, but I’m just a little disappointed that Hawke is not getting the hot book from cover to cover I was expecting, he has to contain himself because he’s afraid of scaring her.
Annie: It’s not as hot as I thought it would be. But I knew there would be lots of sexual tension and there’s plenty of that. I like that Sienna knows she wants Hawke despite her “younger” status. Hawke is infuriating, I love it when he gets angry!

Francesca: Hawke is just TOO SENSUAL, TOO DECADENT, TOO SEXY. I’m a puddle at his feet right now! He can do with me as he pleases

Annie: That’s so true! I wouldn’t change Hawke given the chance. I thought he was so sexy, so irresistible, I couldn’t get enough of him! (Cue the swooning, please) And what about the sex scenes? Yeah?

Francesca: Hawke is a SEX GOD!

Annie: Lots of groans and “Ohh my GOD!!!” moments for me. I had to take frequent breaks to control myself.

Francesca: He’s soooo alpha. I was literally panting through the last 25% of the book.

Annie: Gah! Yes! The ending was… wow! I have no words. Beyond anything I could conjure up myself. Action-packed is an understatement. I know you’re a big fan of Riley and Drew as well, after reading this… who’s your man now?

Francesca: That’s a tough question. Can I just keep all 4??? You forgot to include my man Judd in there! You know, something I loved about this book is how we still get to see Judd, Riley and Drew involved in the storyline.

Annie: How would I forget sexy Judd?! And I won’t judge if you want them all! I’d do the same! Speaking of others in the storyline… What did you think of Sascha?

Francesca: She was a bit different in this one. I liked how they’re slowly showing us her relationship with Nikita developing and maybe even unfolding things that could’ve been in the past. Nikita may have a heart after all! I think she loved Sascha from the beginning and was protecting her. And what about Lucas?

Annie: I liked Lucas’s protectiveness in this one. Loved that he would do anything to protect his woman and child. It was endearing and hot, showing that animalistic side that I don’t think we always witness with the level-headed alpha. Okay, if Lucas and Hawke were dueling it out, who do you think would win?

Francesca: Definitely Hawke!!! I personally think he is a tougher alpha, at least from what we saw in this book.

Annie: Hawke was amazing!

Francesca: I’m curious to see what you thought of the Psy in this one!

Annie: Is it just me or don’t the Psy seem more dead and emotionless than they did in previous books? So devoid of anything. Creeps me the hell out.

Francesca: Yeah I agree. Pure Psy and Ming are getting very bad!! But the arrows have some feeling!

Annie: I’m very interested to see how that plays out! My mind is still trying to wrap my brain around who the ghost is.

Francesca: I was pretty sure it was Kaleb before. And I’m still 70% – 75% on Kaleb, but after this book, Vasic is starting to look like another likely possibility.   But I just want Kaleb to get a book!

Annie: What about Walker and Lara? Aren’t they so sweet together?

Francesca: Lara and Walker were such a nice addition to this book. I thought they were getting their own book before, but I think their story kept the sexual tension going! Loved it! Walker is so strong and sweet and loyal. I loved to see him caring for Lara all the time.

Annie: They had their own bit of tension going on themselves. I loved it! It felt like an added bonus to an already sexy book. Who do you think should get their own book?

Francesca: RIAZ!!!!!! Right now I’m liking his character the most. Mysterious and sexy! So maybe Riaz and Jem??? What do we think about that? I want Riaz to get a mate! LOL He seems so intense. Have we seen Jem before? And after giving him some time to grow up more, I think Kit will have a really hot book.

Annie: LOL! Yes yes! I want more of both!

Francesca: Which brings me to my next question… We met a lot of young wolves, who did you like best?

Annie: Hmm Tai. Kid’s growing up quick!

Francesca: I think Evie (Indigo’s sister) sounds like a really cool character. I hope she gets a story even if she doesn’t end up with Tai.

Annie: Even if they don’t end up together, I would still want to read about them.

Francesca: I also liked that we get to see the dynamics of the SnowDancers as a pack. The strategy, the meetings, the caring for each other...

Annie: Sooo….Team DarkRiver or Team SnowDancer?

Francesca: You should know my answer to that! SNOWDANCER.

Annie: Ok ok I did know that. Me? I’m Team Changeling! LOL I can’t decide!



Francesca: I’m laughing my ass off now. Apparently my boyfriend has our convo on HIS phone somehow and he just told me that there’s this Annie girl texting him about some Lucas dude.






He says we’re both retarded! Then he started laughing, LOL!



This is so embarrassing! Omg, tell him I’m sorry. Next time I text him, I’ll talk about a chick instead, LOL!



Okay, he said he’ll respond to that and you can be his secret lover!



LOL, you got it baby! I wonder what he thought about the gush bucket comment. Never mind. I don’t want to further embarrass myself.

Francesca: OMG I can’t stop laughing! Alright, so I have one last question for you… Is it just me being extremely weird, but I have a thing for the RAT, Teijan, what about you?

Annie: Me too!!! Maybe he’ll get a book soon? What do you girls think about him? Tell us in the comments!

Francesca: Well, I think we’re done! And I’m still Team SnowDancer. What team are you on? VOTE BELOW!!!!

Favourite Quotes:

Francesca’s Pick:

“How was dessert?” she asked, her throat a husky reminder that she’d screamed at the end.
A flash of teeth. “I plan to go back for seconds in a bit.”
She sucked in a breath. “Bad wolf.”
Sliding down his hand, he tugged at her damp curls.
“Hungry wolf.”


Annie’s Pick:

Her heart, her damned vulnerable heart, had been his from the day she understood what it was he incited against him. She had no true shields against him. Never had. Never would.

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  1. Thanks Alyssa!! You NEEEEEEED to read this series!

    Thanks Jenny! I can tell you’re extremely torn between this as I am! I simply cannot choose! Judd seems to be a fave though! Grrr, sexy!


  2. Sooo, I know what you mean at Twitter, Annie..
    (laugh until my stomach hurt)
    Sorry, sorry…
    Read UTC ladies review (minus Suzanne, where is she??) make me impatient to read this one. To be honest, I love Lucas more than Hawke, but I think I’ll change my mind after this ;D

  3. :D:D Hi Ren!!

    The only reason why Suz isn’t here is because she hasn’t read the entire series yet. But she’s making her way through! I’m hoping she’ll fall in love with this series as much as France and I did.

    HAWKE, HAWKE! He’s soo …grrrrr.


  4. there’s no way i can answer that poll yet, LOL…i’m Team Changeling for now. but i’ve only read 4 books 🙁

    i’ve loved Hawke from book 1….so i think it’s a given i’ll lovehim here….i’m still not a fan of Sienna but she’s still young and annoying.

    only spoiler i found in there….Lucas and Sascha have a baby!?! i didn’t know that…but you all know me….hehe

  5. OMG guys! That was fantastic! So much more interesting then the basic review! I love that it was a real covo between friends instead of one person just giving their opinion. Reviews are hard for me to write but this IM format I can really get into!

  6. Love the conversation review. It seemed to cover all the stuff it needed too but was more fun to read! I can’t decide on a team. If you force me to chose I guess overall Snowdancer because Judd is ultimate fav. But Lucas is such a close second. Then if you add Hawke in with Judd I guess that pulls it over to Snowdancer?

    Aw, hell. I don’t know. I like them all!

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