We met Lissa in book one where for most of the book she was bitchy to Faith, the heroine of Serendipity.  Her career as a journalist seemed to be going nowhere and she had divorced her cheating husband and was now a single working mother.I was not expecting to like Lissa.  I’ll just put that out there.  So starting from that point I have to say she was a completely different woman in this short story.  I honestly felt for her and her situation.  She didn’t come from a money family, and she dated the son of the high school janitor while in school.  All was fine until they have a huge fight, break up, and she gets comfort from her ex-boyfriend…And just happens to get pregnant.

Now fast forward ten years, she married the guy that knocked her up but she was miserable the whole time.  He cheated on her, treated her as less than, until she finally got the guts to leave him.

Then Faith comes along and her career takes off!  So now her next assignment is to interview successful young men in the area.  And Trevor Dane is up.  Yes, you guessed it.  That was her high school sweetheart, the son of the janitor.  He went on to do something great with his life and now that she’s free, she might hope to get another chance at that spark they always had.

And sparks they have!  I think these two are such a cute couple, I can’t say it enough.  Trevor is just to die for, Lissa is very likeable when she’s with him.  And they just worked for me.

This story, even though short, was very sweet and very sexy.  I was glued to it until I finished it and then wanted more!  Can’t wait to read book 2 now!

Release Date: November 16, 2011

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