“If you are after something sexy and weird this might fit the bill…”
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There’s nothing I love more than a little bit of over the top sci fi, and M.K. Eidem is one of the best at delivering such works. So, when I found myself hankering for some sexy alien loving I picked up Kirall’s Kiss. Kirall’s Kiss is a sexy little sci-fi about a big alien-dragon-shifter thingy and a big case of mistaken identity, all culminating in a bit of fun and lots of sexy times.

This book didn’t quite fulfill my craving though, and it wasn’t because it wasn’t cheesy, because it was, and it wasn’t because it wasn’t weird enough…dragon tails, ’nuff said. I just found that it didn’t quite capture my imagination or my attention so I was racing to finish, this admittedly short story as I was getting bored.

If you are after something sexy and weird this might fit the bill, unfortunately, neither the sexy nor the weird was doing it for me. But although this wasn’t my favourite of Eidem’s, but I will be waiting for her next book eagerly


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