Sexy as hell Jimmy was working an assignment at a high society party, pretending to be a waiter.  Of course he caught the attention of the object of his lust at the party.  A beautiful redhead that he just couldn’t resist.  She’s not shy either and by the end of the night they are both at an exclusive hotel spending the night getting hot and naked under the sheets.

What happened after was not what Jimmy had planned.  He got called in for another assignment and thrown in what would then become a nightmare for him and his team had to come rescue him.  He didn’t come back the same.  But throughout all that, the only person he could think about was Lia.

Imagine his surprise when the governor’s daughter ends up coming to his family’s ranch and he comes face to face with the girl who has haunted his dreams for months.  Once he explains why he never called they are right back on the saddle.

Jimmy is hot, he’s everything you’d ever want to get in a cowboy in a uniform 😉  And Lia is more than just a rich society girl.  I loved these two together and how she was there BEFORE what happened to him, even if it was in such a small way.

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