“This is a cute small town romance story.” ~Under the Covers

JILTED started off catching my attention.  We have a groom standing in front of a priest waiting to get married and his bride is a bit drunk.  Maybe because she’s not sure the wedding is the right thing to do.  Then in comes her ex boyfriend to stop the wedding and carries her off.

Josh gets left at the altar by Allie who decides to leave with her ex Gavin.  But then the whole town feels as if she was kidnapped and it’s so not like her to do this to her family, so Josh feels as if he has to go find her.  I guess to make sure she’s ok.  But Josh is not as brokenhearted as you would expect.  He wasn’t 100% sure about the wedding himself and when he sees his ex, Devon, who had come back to town for the wedding, he realizes why.  He’s never stopped thinking about her.

This is a cute small town romance story, so if you like those types you’ll probably enjoy it.  As far as this couple goes though, they were just ok for me.  Enjoyable but not memorable, mostly because I couldn’t really make a connection with the heroine.  She’s so closed off for most of the book that by the time she opens up about her feelings and sees the light (and this was done way too quickly IMO) it was too late for me to care.  She has issues because of her past.  Her mother left her and her dad when she was young in search of a bigger and brighter life.  And now Devon is basically doing the same thing.

Josh was the perfect mix between a beta and an alpha hero.  Almost what a real life guy would normally be like, and this was refreshing and kept me interested.  He loves Devon and is willing to put up with the pain she puts him through every time to give them a second chance.  But I do think he should’ve made her work a little harder for it.  They didn’t jump right into having sex, but it was a little too soon after him being dumped for it to work for me.  Even if he didn’t love Allie, he still cared about her and was ready to marry her.

Besides all that, Josh and Devon are sexy when they are together.  They are comfortable with each other, which is something you get to see only after a couple really knows the other.  So all those aspects I really enjoyed.  I would’ve loved to see more of the town and the people in it, so I can’t wait for the next book to explore more.  Small town romances always have an appeal to me!

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