I’m really not sure how this series turned into sexy military men out of uniform into hot sexy cowboys that I just have to drool over, but I’ve been drooling over Jared for a few books now and let me tell you, he is one hot cowboy!

He’s the brother that stayed back to work the family ranch when his brothers went off to the military.  He’s been happy with that but he’s also had a lot of responsibilities.  Mandy is rolling into town looking for the perfect small town to film for her idea of a reality TV show.  Pigeon Hollow fits the bill.  And of course, convincing the Gordon brothers to let her film at his ranch sounds like a great business idea.

And although she’s never mixed business and pleasure, she might have to in order to have Jared.  And there is some hot sex in this one!  As far as the sexy time goes this book is definitely the best in the series.

And then there’s the small town feel, and the great secondary characters.  Can I just say I’m so intrigued by Jared’s best friend, Bobby.  Bobby is the town sheriff and he’ll be getting his book soon in the series.  Can’t wait.

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