“…one of the most compelling worlds I’ve read in urban fantasy in a while.”

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I’ve been so excited about reading this recommendation. It was pitched to me as The Godfather urban fantasy and it certainly delivers on that! So if that sounded interesting to you too, then you’ll love this book!

In this world, jade can grant someone superhuman magical abilities but not everyone reacts the same to jade. Some can become addicted, for some it can be fatal. And there are two crime families that control the distribution of jade, which of course leads to territory disputes, blood feuds, knife duels, assassination attempts. At the core, politics and family along with one of the most compelling worlds I’ve read in urban fantasy in a while.

Fonda Lee’s writing style is superb. This book was subtle where it needed to be, but also quite action packed. I loved the way mystery is mixed into this story. Of course, all good crime syndicates have to deliver on the family drama and I loved that about this story as well.

If I had to pick a favorite character it would be Shae. She wears no jade by choice even though she was trained in The Academy. She wanted to have a career outside of the family business and expectations they had for her. Her struggle with what she wants and her sense of duty and loyalty is palpable in this book and I loved that she’s badass and steps up to the plate when needed. I can’t wait to see her character developed more.

JADE CITY plays out like a movie as you read, it’s immersive and intense. And I can’t wait to see this on the screen come to life as this is being developed into a TV series for Peacock. It’s going to be amazing! If there’s a book that would be perfect on TV, this is it!

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