This story is sweet and hot, so be sure to bring your change of panties!  And a warning not to read this around your family, as you will get asked why is your face red all of a sudden.  I am not sure if I should classify this as erotica or contemporary romance, or an in between both.

Sydney has always had a crush on Sean, since she was a teenager.  Sean, being the older son of her foster parents had stayed away from her like the plague because he thought it was wrong to like her.

Now they are thrown together for a weekend of snow and skiing with the rest of the siblings (who are all paired up) and they are forced to face their feelings for each other.

I loved both characters!  The hero is sexy as hell, very alpha, and well… Irresistible!  Whether against the wall, in a bed or in a hot tub, the man knows exactly what to do.  Sydney is very sweet but also very strong.  The fact that they had the history together made the transition to lovers smooth and perfect for me.

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