“Mature and poetic, the narration definitely has a whimsical feel to it despite the genre its written in. ”
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I have been anticipating IRON GOLD ever since I read the last book in the series. But after the book was delayed for a year, I forgot about the release completely. Since I enjoyed the other books in the series a lot, I did have some pretty high expectations for this book. The longer wait added to those expectations.

Firstly, I still think Pierce Brown writes well. Mature and poetic, the narration definitely has a whimsical feel to it despite the genre its written in. I think if you’re unfamiliar with the genre, you might have some issues getting into it. But I do think it fits the genre well enough that it can pass for Sci Fi. For me, however, the book has mature enough that I don’t even see it as Young Adult fiction any longer. So seeing this growth was also nice to see.

My major complaint about this book is that it feels slightly different than the others. I don’t know if that was because the book had undergone some major revisions (hence the delay in its release) or if the author’s voice has just matured but it definitely has a different tone. Darrow, our main hero, has also aged and now at 33, his voice and ideals has changed as well.

I felt like the book took a very long time to get started. It’s very slow in the beginning, which was a little surprising since the previous books had a lot of action and suspense in it. But this one really took its time, making me feel a little bored sometimes. Also, this is not a series that you can read out of order. There’s little to no recap of past events and if they are mentioned, they aren’t detailed enough. Even though I have read all the books up to now, I felt like I forgot some details because of the long wait between series. As a result, I felt some momentary confusion until I remembered the past events.

Nevertheless, I do think this is a series worth checking out. And even though IRON GOLD is not my favorite in the series, it’s worth reading for Brown’s unique writing style.


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