“This was the perfect blend of suspense and a whole lot of my favorite addiction…Dex & Perry.” ~Under the Covers

INTO THE HOLLOW is a turning point book.  Can Dex and Perry make it as a couple or not?  Can she forgive him for what he’s put her through?  Can they make it out alive from a mountain filled with danger?  This was the perfect blend of suspense and a whole lot of my favorite addiction…Dex & Perry.

We start off where ON DEMON WINGS left off.  Perry is a bit of a confused, hot mess and I don’t blame the girl.  She’s been through the ringer, betrayed at every corner, and had some major revelations to deal with.  Now she has to deal with Dex who wants to go back to how things used to be, and that means back to doing their show.  This time, they are headed for the Canadian Rockies to investigate some possible Big Foot sightings.  This is where they will face not only a possible monster, but human monsters as well and biggest of all….their feelings and their past.

As much as I thought the story and the monster were interesting, what kept me turning the pages faster than an addict getting a fix was Dex & Perry.  OMG I loved Dex in this book.  He’s come full circle and he wants Perry.  And he’s willing to suffer everything she puts him through to get her because he realizes only she will do.  She is it.  Gahhhhh just when I thought I couldn’t love this man more.  And then there’s Perry, who fights that instead of falling like a dud at his feet.  I love that girl!  Exactly the way this had to play out.  But I was also happy that Ms. Halle didn’t drag their suffering forever, oh no.  We get some sexy times and boy did they steamed up my e-reader! *fans self*

But even after all that, my favorite thing about this book was the humor.  I kept laughing out loud at the one liners that kept coming out of nowhere.  Especially the introduction to new and all-around awesome words like “Twatwaffle”.  I need to see more of this!

Again, as usual with the books in this series, you are FORCED to read the next book in the series.  But please be sure you are reading in order, and don’t even think of skipping the novellas!  That is all, my public service announcement.

Favorite Quotes: “Perry, when I fuck you, you’re going to want it.  And you’re going to be sober.  I don’t want just your body in all of this.  I want everything.  Your soul too.” “You,” he said slowly.  “You’re the light.  You’re my light.” “I’m sure this particular llama was on many a hit list.” “I don’t trust you with a shovel, Dex.” “I want to feel like this for the rest of my life.”

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