I cruised through this book. With Lilley’s writing, it’s an easy one to devour. ~ Under the Covers

Billionaire Doms. Will it ever get old? So far, I’m still enjoying them and Lilley’s take on it is exciting. Bianca is a flight attendant who has a dark past. When she meets James Cavendish, a young, enigmatic billionaire hotel owner, she is immediately drawn to his grace and his body. James is quite the character. He knows what he wants and he will endeavor to get it, whatever it takes. As Bianca becomes his most coveted possession, he soon learns that there is more to the woman than just her submissive nature and her pretty looks. They both share a dark past that makes the BDSM they share together that much more intimate and thrilling.

Fans of both the Crossfire series and 50 Shades of Grey would probably enjoy this book. While I wasn’t a fan of 50, I do enjoy the Crossfire series. This book has the same elements, but the flight attendant touch is fresh and unique.

I cruised through this book. With Lilley’s writing, it’s an easy one to devour. However, I did think that some scenes were a little unbelievable. The sex scenes were hot and intense, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they were always correct. Since Bianca is new to BDSM and a virgin to boot, all the sex at full throttle seemed like too much in some places. Also, Bianca’s ability to come on command definitely seemed far-fetched. Apart from that though, I was curious enough to learn more about the characters.

The last 50 pages or so is when things get a little crazy. Readers will learn what it is about their pasts that mold them into who they are now. It’s heartbreaking, but makes for such a great story. All the action at the very in seemed a little too quick for me. I would have liked to see more of that and perhaps spend more time on the aftermath, but that’s what the second book is for and you can be sure that I will be checking it out to know what happens next!

While I liked Bianca and James together, it was Stephan whom I really, really loved. His presence throughout Bianca’s life is touching and incredible. I love how protective and caring he is. I am hoping that he gets his own HEA soon too.

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