“To my surprise, I enjoyed this book despite the ghostly contents.” ~Under The Covers Book Blog

I am going to be honest, after I accepted this book for review, I went to the author’s site and found that she is a Young Adult author which I rarely venture out to.  Then I read a review that mentioned ghosts, again, not my usual read.  But I had made a commitment, so I gave it a go.  To my surprise, I enjoyed this book despite the ghostly contents.

Skylar Blackwell is a tough cookie.  She was one of the top photographers in New York after all.  But after losing her mojo as a photographer, she ventures out to California in hopes to investigate her uncle’s murder.

Despite the unwelcoming staff, more murders and ghostly apparition threatening her life, she does not run away.  Instead, she is even more determined to stay.  I am in awe that she dd this on her own.

Despite the scary activities, she has the balls to stay.  Then again, I cannot blame her.  Dorian who is the estate caretaker is just to die for.  I don’t want to reveal too much about him, but I will tell you that he will be the key to finding out about her uncle’s murder.

This book is definitely not Young Adult or New Adult.  It does not have the angst of a young heroine or hero that usually comes in that genre.  However, it has more of an Urban Fantasy or PNR feel to it.  It is a bit dark because of the creepy scenes with ghosts and deaths occurrences.  It was hilarious that each scene with murders or ghosts, I wanted to close my eyes as I do with scary movies.  I am such a scaredy cat.  But what I liked most is the mystery it brought out.  Each scene gave intrigues that peak my curiosity.

I do wish there was more “sexy” in this book.  There were some sexual tension between Skylar and Dorian but not nearly enough.  Dorian is an old soul, and he has been around the block once or twice.  The same goes for Skylar, she’s not a young naive or wholesome girl who just got out of high school.  So, I was expecting more from them.  I honestly think this series would benefit with a little bit more “adult” in the story.

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review

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