“If He’s Tempted is dark, mysterious and excitement all in one convenient package.” ~Under the Covers

If ever there was evil, it comes in the form of Lady Leticia Mallam. This time, the notorious lady of the ton is planning on marrying her own sixteen year old daughter, Agatha to a depraved man three times her age, all for monetary gain. When Lady Agatha appears on Lady Olympia Wherlocke’s doorstep in search of Lord Ashton Radmoor, she finds only Olympia in residence. Agatha has been attempting for weeks to get word to her brother, Lord Brant Mallam, the Earl of Fieldgate,to no avail. Her letters have gone unanswered, leaving Agatha at the mercy of the unscrupulous matriarch of the Mallam family.

When Olympia Wherlocke of the gifted Wherlocke/Vaughn clan, hears Agatha’s story, she is spurned into action to help this young lady. Once Olympia sets her mind to something, she jumps into it full force. This beautiful woman from this odd and reclusive family, has the gift of foresight and what she sees makes her intent on alligning herself with Brant and Angela against the abomination that is Lady Leticia Mallam.

Brant Mallam, the Earl of Fieldgate has the reputation of a deviant and a rake. Ever since the apparent betrayal and death of his love, Faith, Brant has been wallowing in self loathing and on a steady course to self-destruction until Lady Olympia Wherlocke forces her way into his home and forces him to take a really good look at himself. Together, Olympia and Brent attempt to uncover the multitude of illegal activities Lady Mallam is involved in, and right so many wrongs. In the meantime, Brant is fighting tooth and nail his extreme attraction to Olympia, who has decided that whatever may come of their time together, she shall accept.

Although I own every single one of these books, I had not had the time to read them, until THIS book. I loved If He’s Tempted by Hannah Howell so much, that I immediately went back and immersed myself in all that is The Wherlockes. If He’s Tempted may be read without reading the first four books in the series. Hannah Howell does and excellent job of explaining the necessary components and back story one might need to know. If He’s Tempted is dark, mysterious and excitement all in one convenient package. Lady Olympia Wherlocke is a brilliant character with the knowledge and forethought of someone twice her age. She is strong and sassy. Lord Mallam becomes, through Olympia’s urging, the man he was meant to be. I so enjoyed this book by Hannah Howell and cannot wait for the next in the series. NOTE TO HANNAH HOWELL: Um MODRED????? PLEASE????

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  1. Hannah Howell is on my top 3 favorite authors, but then I have a soft spot for Scottish romance, lol. She writes awesome stories. I never miss one and she’s an auto buy with EVERY release. Her Wherelocke Series is even better than her Murray Clan and I didn’t think that was possible. I even adore her vampires ;-). READ THIS SERIES if you haven’t, it’s worth the time invested!