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“If you like your sci-fi books romantic and funny, then you need to give these a try.”
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A group of a dozen women wake up in an alien aircraft, crammed into a cage and on their way to an unknown destination, but presumably no where good judging from the cruel treatment they receive at the hands of their alien captors. But, when the craft crashes on an alien plant the women find themselves freed, the only issue…surviving on the icy new planet, especially when they come into contact with the natives, blue 7ft tall, horned aliens.

I’m once again cheating and doing a review for three books at once: Barbarian Mine, Barbarian’s Prize and Barbarian’s Mate. Much for the same reason, these books are fantastic, I enjoyed every one of them, but they are all remarkably similar in their structure. These three books are about Harlow, Tiffany and Josie.

If you like your sci-fi books romantic and funny, then you need to give these a try. They are a lot of fun, but also highly addictive so beware! Once I started to read them I couldn’t stop. All the hero and heroine’s have great chemistry and there are some steamy sex scenes to spice things up, especially when you realise that alien anatomy is slightly…different to the norm!

Loved these books, I highly recommend you give them a try if you want something light and romantic, with an alien twist. spacer


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