Review: I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Review: I Dream of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice
I Dream of Danger
Book Info

Released: July 2, 2013
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 304

“This book was a quick read and the chemistry between Elle and Nick was palpable.” ~Under the Covers

I am torn between liking and being a bit meh about this series.  I have to say I DREAM OF DANGER was a better book for me than the first in this series.  And although I found the story interesting, it lacked something to keep me invested and wanting to know what happens next.

But see, I have a problem.  I don’t think I’m a fan of the romantic suspense with the light psychic/paranormal element.  Either give me a straight romantic suspense with hot military guys and a suspenseful and action-packed plot or just give me a good paranormal romance.  The light mix of the two doesn’t do it for me.  I think if the author wanted to take this story more of the X-Men route it needs more of that.

We do have the big bad crazy which is causing all sorts of trouble in this book.  The bad guys is like a mad scientist.  I didn’t love reading his point of view and wish those parts were a bit shorter.

Then of course there’s our main couple.  Nick and Elle’s love story is a second chance romance.  They knew each other before he was a special ops military guy and before she was a known researchers in the psychic field.  Her colleagues have started disappearing and just before she does as well, she sends a psychic call for help to her one true love, Nick, who she hasn’t seen or heard of in ten years.  Nick and then Ghost Ops then come to the rescue.

I loved their relationship and even though a bit rushed, they had history so I overlooked that.  Nick was supposed to come back to Elle and just didn’t because of his duty and being called away on a mission.  By the time he came back Elle had gone on with her life, changing her name and following her other dreams in different places.

This book was a quick read and the chemistry between Elle and Nick was palpable.  They definitely kept the story interesting.  I am on the fence about continuing with the series but since this book ends in a cliffhanger…. I may have to.

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