Although this wasn’t in any way an awful book for me it a forgettable one. ~ Under the Covers

Frumpy Hannah Oliver’s cheating fiancee also happens to be her boss, so after finding him taking part in the bedroom olympics with her room mate she is out of a job. But through pure chance and a batch of her delicious homemade cookies she manages to get a job as assistant to a CEO. A very sexy CEO. Jordan Calder. But Hannah has always been nervous and self conscious around men, especially good looking ones, maybe hypnosis might be the answer to instilling some confidence and finally allowing her to seduce the man of her dreams.

If you like ugly duckling to beautiful swan books than you might want to give this a try, if you also like stories with super rich and handsome CEO’s than you have hit the mother lode. I am normally a fan of the former and was looking forward to reading this book, and although I did enjoy it; it made me smile and it had some good sex scenes unfortunately it never really grabbed my attention.

Both Hannah and JC were likable, but I didn’t really fall in love with either of them, although I can’t deny that I enjoyed reading them fall in love with one another. They had great chemistry from the start and I liked reading Hannah becoming more confident in herself. I also liked the secondary characters in the book and although I was a little underwhelmed by Hypnotic Seduction I would give them a read.

Although this wasn’t in any way an awful book for me it a forgettable one. I feel I have probably read the same kind of book many times before and Hypnotic Seduction didn’t really add anything to make it stand out.

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