Wow. I didn’t think this series could get any better, but it just did. Hunting Ground was amazing!! I love the way Briggs writes. There’s this ease to it and it’s always just a natural progression of the storyline. It’s never pulling or straining. All the characters continue to grow in a way that is gradual, but still very evident.And Anna is the perfect example of that. I remember complaining back in the Alpha &Omega novella that she was too skittish and broken. But she has come so far in such a short time and yet it doesn’t seem like she suddenly grew a pair and is capable of manhandling all the Alpha werewolves at once. She’s grown in a gradual way that makes her success at getting over her past a personal accomplishment and one that opens opportunities for her to love someone….someone like Charles.

What I love about this series is the romance. It’s not perfect where Anna and Charles find each other and fall desperately in love with each other and they love happily ever after. THE END. No, not here. Both of them are unsure and probably a little scared and that makes the romance between these two all the more interesting. A light touch in human form or a slight nudge in wolf form makes the relationship fascinating because they are learning each other slowly. It’s just great to read.

And then there’s all the wolf politics! Wow, I wasn’t expecting half of the twists that Briggs pulled in this one! I was completely taken aback and it was definitely one I’d like to pick up again soon. With all the fae, vampires, and werewolves in this one, I’m sure there’s something there for everyone!

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  1. I thought this book was better than the previous, and the novella. I, like you, think the series is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for Fair Game!!!

  2. So funny you reviewed this one today. I just finished it last night. I thought the noella was ok, but did not like Cry Wolf. I thought Hunting Ground was better, a little light weight, but enjoyable. I actually thought Anna’s progess may have been a little unbelieveably fast since she and Charles have only been together a month, after all that abuse. I guess her wolf half can explain her quicker recovery.

    I decided I would reread Cry Wolf and give it another chance. I do enjoy getting to know a bit more about Bran. Kind of wishing Briggs’ bumps off his mate so we can get a romance between Bran’s both sides and the woman they both deserve.

  3. I love both of these books. There is just something about Anna and Charles that I really like. I was really sad to hear that Fair Game will be the last A&O book.

  4. I love this series and it’s been too long since we heard from Charles and Anna — you’re right, it’s the tentative learning about each other that makes this story rich. (And I’m totally jealous that you have a copy already)

    So glad to hear it’s a good read.