Even though I still liked book one better than this one, it still had a lot of great elements to the story.  Ms. Julianne Gatewick is Tristan’s sister.  While Tristan is staying behind with Tessa, who is pregnant.  Julianne goes off to have a season in London.  Tristan assigns his best friend to be her guardian and watch over her.  Marc, the Earl of Hawfield, knows that a major rule not to be broken is that you could never date your best friend’s sister.  But he soon realizes that he’s seen Julianne as his girl for a long time.

While Julianne attends parties and fields proposals from other suitors, she is not only vying for Hawk’s attentions.  She is also writing a pamphlet on How to Seduce a Rake.  This is a detailed guide on how women can attract and secure the affections of rakes all over London.  She manages to finish it and get it published before the end of the season as an anonymous publication which causes great stir in London’s society.

Marc has a big secret.  He’s hidden it from everyone for many years and still tries to hide it from Julianne as well.  But nothing, not even something as important as this can change her mind.  She’s wanted and been in love with Hawk since she was 8 years old.  And she wants to have him now, once and for all.  She will stop at nothing to get him.

One of my favorite parts about this story is the fact that Julianne is part of a group of young friends, both male and female, enjoying the season in London together.  It was nice to see their friendly dynamics.  And of course we met the characters that will take center stage in the next book who are completely different than we’ve previously seen.  I’m looking forward to reading it!

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