This book was a recommendation from for a challenge back in November but even though I ended up reading a different book, this one seemed like a good story so I picked it up and I couldn’t be happier right now that I chose to read it.

There was hot, explosive and raw chemistry between the hero & heroine. I liked Emily’s character (shrink for the Others, Monster Doctor, LOL) and the fact that, while being human, she can sense/feel SBs (Supernatural Beings). Hey, supernatural creatures can be messed up too at times and need some help and counseling! Colin was a perfect representation of a shifter, of course I had figured out what type he was, and don’t really know why it was a big secret!

I had suspicions about a couple of different people being the killer throughout the book, the actual killer among them a couple of times, but I ended up dismissing him. So that was a nice surprise. It’s always good when you can’t guess who the bad guy is.

This series is a good combination of romantic suspense and paranormal romance, with strong characters, great chemistry, a good storyline and a very interesting supernatural world.

I can’t wait to read more about this series since we also met some pretty interesting characters (McNeal) that I wouldn’t mind reading more about.

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