Review: Holly by Dominique Adair

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Review: Holly by Dominique Adair
Book Info

Released: May 4, 2005
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Series: Southern Submissives #1

The first in a series of short stories that are meant to take you on a trip into the world of bondage, and as always with Ms. Adair, very well done.

Holly has a preference for being a submissive sexually. She’s comfortable with her choice and is comfortable in that type of relationship. I’m warning you at the beginning of this book we get a view of an event in Holly’s recent past, in her relationship with her previous Master, who she refers to as “The Bastard” later on (I love that!). Needless to say, he violates her trust, and hurts her, emotionally and physically.

Now, only months later, she encounters a situation that she was not expecting. And doesn’t know how to react.

Hot, successful business man, Ethan Clarke, is presented with an opportunity to get Holly. He first met her at a D/s party, while she was still with “The Bastard”, and knew at that moment she was THE ONE for him. He’s wanted her ever since, she’s taken over his dreams, and now he’s in a position to get her in his bed. Maybe this wasn’t the perfect choice to go about it, in my opinion, but in the end, and in a short amount of time, you realize he truly cares for Holly and can make her happy.

He has to heal her from the damage caused by “The Bastard” in the only way he can. By helping her get back to living and experiencing the things she likes.

This is hot, steamy, a bit kinky, but ultimately a short but entertaining read, and I’ll definetely be reading the next book!

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