“Don’t you just love it when a book you buy on a whim becomes one of your favourites?” ~ Under the Covers

Staff Sergeant Ray Cruz needs a fiancee, or at least pretend to have a fiancee to get himself out of a sticky situation involving an Afghan Warlord and his daughter. So he finds one with the aid of photo shop and a picture of one of his older sister’s friends marine biologist Grace Kim. When the media suddenly goes in to a frenzy about her war hero fiancee being injured Grace doesn’t know what is going on…she has no fiancee. Determined to sort out the problem Grace visits her supposed fiancee in hospital finding Cruz in a hospital bed missing a leg and with a brain injury that leaves it difficult to communicate. Although brought together in an unlikely circumstances Cruz and Grace being to build a friendship through, a friendship that feels like so much more.

Don’t you just love it when a book you buy on a whim becomes one of your favourites? That is what happened when I picked up His Road Home. Although this was a fairly short read, it made an impression with it’s moving and sweet romance that wasn’t just your typical boy meets girl scenario.

The romance between Cruz and Grace wasn’t an instant conflagration their chemistry sparked when they first met and slowly smoldered and grew as they became closer and closer until it finally went up in flames. This slow building romance is one of the aspects I love most about this book, they had time to build a friendship and mutual respect that made the over all relationship feel more intense and rich.

Anna Richland has created some thing special in His Road Home, it’s a contemporary romance without the typical hero and heroine that offers a beautiful and touching, as well as sexy story that kept me glued to my kindle screen right to the very last week. This may be my first Anna Richland book, but it won’t be my last.


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  1. I really liked this one too, Suzanne. I had read the novel it has loose connections with and was so happy to see this one.