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Review: Highland Honor by Christine Young
Highland Honor
Book Info

Released: November 28, 2011
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 342


Lady Callie Whitcomb is running for her life. In a desperate attempt to escape an arranged marriage to Lord Huntington, Callie leaves her step-brother Archibald who has the intention of marry her off to the despicable man. She turns to the only man who can help her – Colin MacPherson aka Hawk.

However, Hawk has vengeance on his mind when he realizes Callie’s true identity. As the kin of his great enemy, Hawk seeks to exact revenge once and for all. But can Hawk continue to ignore Callie’s presence or will he succumb to his desires and fall prey to his passion?

While I wasn’t too keen on the main characters, I did think the story was good. For some reason, I could not relate to Callie. In the beginning, she seemed too overdramatic. I couldn’t follow why she was so desperate to escape until later on. Also, I did not like the fact that at one moment Hawk was admiring Callie from afar, but then suddenly he hears news about her identity and suddenly, he wants nothing to do with her. I wished for a little more consistency in the character’s personalities.

Highland Honor is a story filled with exactly what the title entails. Honor is the prevalent theme. If you enjoy highlanders and honourable men, then I suggest checking this book out.

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