Hannah Howell delivers yet another dramatic story filled with passion and adventure. In this one, Arianna Murray Lucette is running for her life from a man who has done her wrong. In the first chapter, our heroine is attacked on a ship by her enemies and already the action is there, picking up the book and never quite relenting until the very end.

When Arianna and two young boys are washed up to a shore, Sir Brian MacFingal finds them and is quick to determine Arianna’s soaked form as dead. However, it takes more than an attack and a harsh battering of water to break her.

I thought that the character development for Arianna and Brian were excellent. It’s clear that Howell is a master storyteller. She is damn good at what she does and the world she has built with the Murrays and MacFingals grow with each book.

I think perhaps the best part of the book is the details that Howell puts in. Everything is so vividly described, it almost feels as if you are living in the moment. This is a true testament to the quality work Howell does. I’m not surprised that there this series is still going strong. Howell continues to grab readers attentions with a world that keeps them guessing and falling in love. HIGHLAND AVENGER is no exception. This book is the perfect escape for historical romance fans.

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  1. I’ve heard great things about Hannah Howell books but I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any as yet but that will change very soon…thanks Ann!!!

  2. New author ( again ^^;;)for me, it seems interesting but i’m a bit afraid when i see it’s book 18. Do they need to be read in order or they are all like stand alone?

  3. I haven’t read anything by Hannah Howell, but Highlander Avenged sounds good. Mostly that you said the character development was so great sold it on me though, because it really annoys me when characters feel fake, or 2 dimensional.

  4. This one seemed OK as a standalone, Miki. I never read the others in the series either, but didnt feel lost at all.

    Yeah, Jess. I thought the author brought a lot of presence to the characters and the fact that this is a new series to be really made it stand out. It was good!