I’ve been wanting to read this series for quite some time now, mainly because I looooooove Erin McCarthy’s writing in her contemporary stuff and this one looks like fun.  And it was fun.  Just not exactly what I expected, maybe?

So we have Ethan Carrick who is the head of the vampire council and running for re-election.  He’s campaign manager recommended that he should get married and settle down in order to give a good image while running for re-election.  And he finds the perfect candidate.  Brittany Baldizzi is a dentist, she’s sweet, giving, a good person.  She is also an Impure, half vampire half human, although she’s not aware of it.  She should fit the bill perfectly.  Except she doesn’t stir any interest in Ethan.

After he controlled her mind to have her living with him (at his casino hotel at any rate) her sister Alexis comes in guns blazing to rescue her sister.  And now that is exactly what Ethan was looking for.  A woman with fire and passion that can challenge him.  But she is not good for his image.  While dealing with all this, they will also have to deal with assassination attempts on Ethan.

So now the storyline was cute, it’s fun and light and humorous.  Ethan is pretty sexy although I wouldn’t drop any of my other harem hotties to fit him in.  But Alexis got a bit on my nerves at times.  Yes, sometimes there CAN be too much snark.  The ending was a bit abrupt as well, all of a sudden all these things happened and then they were spending eternity together.

I am still very much intrigued to see what happens in the next book, although I can say that this series can’t compare to Fast Track.


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  1. Like you, this series has been on my to-read for awhile after I read one of her contemporary romances. It does sound really fun, and I still want to check it out even if it’s not great. 🙂