“…this one [HER EVERY WISH] was endearing and adorable…”
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I’ve owned this since the day it came out and it keeps getting pushed down on my reading order. Apparently I had forgotten the beauty and enjoyment I get from reading a Courtney Milan story.  I admit novellas aren’t my first choice, but this one was endearing and adorable and it features characters we don’t often read about in historical romance.  Neither one is rich, no titles and no dances here.  And they are also from different races.  But they both have a drive and desire to do good and to do better and they are innocent at heart.

Daisy is caring for her ill mother, working to pay the bills most of the time since her father passed away.  She’s mostly resigned herself to the fact she won’t marry, and if she does, who would take on the burden of her mother as well?  Would she have to slowly distance herself from her?  The last thing she should hope for is to marry the man she loves, and that man left her after taking her virginity.

Crash on the other hand has charm to last for days.  His charisma got to me right away and I couldn’t help but fall for him.  Then seeing his love and dedication to his family and ultimately to the woman he’s always loved only made me care for him more.  He definitely stole the show here.

I admit I didn’t love the miscommunication aspect of this story which was a big part of why they broke up the first time.  But being that this was such a short story it wasn’t dragged out and I got over it because there was an easy resolution in sight.  I still wish the basis for their issues would’ve had more substance and I think that would’ve made this a better story.

Overall, I loved the message of strength and perseverance of this book as it shows a woman in times when she was not a mans’ equal to go after what she wanted even after being ridiculed.  Daisy reached and was able to get everything she ever wanted to.  I think, aside from Crash himself, that was my favorite thing about this novella.

It took me a while to catch on to the connection with the Worth family this story had, but once I did I loved seeing those bits we got.  I am certainly looking forward to the next full length story in this family saga, whenever that may come.

Favorite quotes:

“So which do you prefer, Daisy.  Pastries and tea?  Or pastries, tea and orgasms.”




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