“…there’s great chemistry between them and the sex scenes were great!”
~ Under the Covers

I decided to pick up this book out of reading order (I haven’t read this series before) because it fit a prompt for the Kindle Unlimited Weekend Readathon at the end of 2019 and I was in the mood for a light and sexy m/m romance.  Tessa Bailey can always deliver on that!

First things, I wasn’t lost by not having read the first book.  Some of the issues that happened in that book are talked about in this book and the author did a great job at that so it can stand alone.

Then we have the story.  I really liked both of these characters individually.  I also understood the struggles keeping them apart and the push and pull of that relationship.   I do think that Ms. Bailey left out some of the build-up.  I don’t know if that part was done in book 1, but it seemed like these two went quickly from polar opposites who barely talked to each other to I can’t say no to you even if it’s against what I think is good for me.  That minor issue aside, there’s great chemistry between them and the sex scenes were great! I think this is the author’s first m/m romance (correct me if I’m wrong) and I think she did it well. Maybe in the next one we can get a more original plot, though.

One thing stands out to me about the series.  From what I read in this book I’m left really unmotivated to read the first book in the series.  Like, no interest.  And I’ll probably just continue from here to book 3 which I am kind of excited about.



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