I liked this book…but I didn’t love it. ~ Under the Covers

When Grace Carlyle sets out to find her brother in the middle of the jungle, what she doesn’t expect to find is the mythical land of Atlantis and its gorgeous guardian Darius en Kragin. Darius is charged with guarding one of the portals to Atlantis and killing any who enter, be they man, woman or child. But he can’t seem to destroy Grace when she stumbles through to Atlantis; her fiery red hair the first colour has has seen in centuries and her bravery touches his long neglected heart. However, it may already be too late to guard the entrance to Atlantis as they discover evidence that one of the other portals has been breached.

I liked this book…but I didn’t love it. I think, unfortunately, that Grace and Darius are going to enter the vast realm of couples I have read and although I liked them at the time, they are easily forgotten and never thought of again. I know this is hardly encouraging, but I did like Heart of the Dragon and if I had some spare time, I would continue reading this series.

What I liked about Heart of the Dragon was the idea or Atlantis, it is basically used as the gods scrap yard and they tossed in their the races they created that they no longer wanted, creatures like nymphs, vampires, shape changers etc. Darius is a dragon-shifter, in fact he is king of the dragon shifters and as cold as ice. I enjoyed watching him thaw around Grace’s spunky and warm personality as they fall in love. There is also a bit of a secondary romance happening in the background with Grace’s brother as well as some action as the vampires conspire to kill off the dragons.

This isn’t my favourite book by Gena Showalter, I much prefer her Lords of the Underworld series, but it was a quick, romantic and fun read.

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