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Review: Heart of Gold by Jessica Bird
Heart of Gold
Book Info

Released: June 3, 2003
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 438




There is a pretty big distinction in the writing when I read a Jessica Bird book as opposed to a J.R. Ward book.  It also shows how much the author has grown into her own voice as a writer.  With HEART OF GOLD, her second book ever published, I found the story to be a thrown together.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still cute but there was no originality and the conflicts were weird and felt like they were building up to something big that never came and the resolutions were just…too easy.

Nick Farrell is a sexy hero.  Hot, young, rich and very much the brooding and grouchy type.  Used to always getting his way and quite often rude to others.  His sister died recently leaving him in charge of taking care of his teenage nephew.  He’s had archaeologists asking to dig on his mountain looking for gold for a long time and it’s not until beautiful and young Carter Wessex asks him that he agrees.  And that has everything to do with his attraction.

First the issue of Nick’s nephew having a crush on Carter, then the reason why Carter hasn’t talked to her father since her mother’s death, then the fact that Nick is apparently in love with this woman without actually spending any time getting to know her just a few small conversations and well of course sex.  There were just so many things that could’ve blown up into something more and given depth to the story but never did.

I thought the book was an enjoyable, light read. Although I have other authors that I enjoy more than this to read when I’m in this kind of mood, HEART OF GOLD was still sweet with a touch of sexy enough to like it.

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  1. i just saw this book at target and thought about getting it. i have read a few of the jessica bird books. some i like more than others (i think millionaire next door is my fave). so i was on the fence about this one. i may wait until i can get a kindle deal on it or when i need a light read.

    thuy @ nite lite

  2. I have read other Jessica Bird books as well and I think this might be the one I’ve enjoyed the least. I will have to check out Millionaire Next Door, don’t think I’ve read that. Thanks!


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