“…they were funny, they were sexy and if you are in the mood for over the top alpha males, which sometimes I am, then they are perfect.”
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I am being being incredibly lazy with this review. Instead of doing each individual book as I would usually, I decided it would be better, for both the quality, and maybe even the kindness, of the review and my sanity if I looked at this series as a whole. So, this review will be covering the below books:

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I can’t quite work out my feelings for this series. Normally I avoid biker books, I rarely like them, in fact I normally ended up actively disliking them. However, the previous books by Lila Rose I have read have been an enjoyable and funny quick read so I decided to take a chance. So, did I like them? It seems disingenuous to say no when I have read every single book in the series in about 2 days; I obviously liked them enough to binge read. And, there is definitely things to like; they were funny, they were sexy and if you are in the mood for over the top alpha males, which sometimes I am, then they are perfect.

So why am I so hesitant? I think some of this has to do with writing style. Lila Rose is Australian and slang and language patterns are different, which made these books, for me, hard to follow at times, especially when there was dialogue. I had to read it again and think about the context to ensure that I understood what was being said. However, I have read Australian authors, before and never had this problem, so I think these books could do with some editing.

I was in just the right mood to read these when I picked them up; I wanted easy and fun with a ridiculous alpha male, who in real life I would have to brain.  They scratched an itch, and my ratings for them ranged from 2.5 to 3 Stars.

Reading Instructions!

If you are going to give them a go, I recommend doing what I did. The first book Holding Out is free, so I grabbed it – if you click on the book cover above it will take you to Amazon. That will give you a taste of the whole series, they are all very similar. But, instead of buying each book individually, it works out better to Hawks MC bundle, there’s a volume 1 and a volume 2 – see below in the ‘Reading Order & Buy Links’ section. If you are on Kindle Unlimited, like me, then you definitely want to do that as the bundles are available on KU but the individual books aren’t.


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