“If you’re itching for some smutty smut, this can definitely fulfill that craving” ~Under the Covers

WARNING! If you are not into Sub/Dom interaction and random sexual partners, this is not for you.  Trust me.

Natalie is what society these days refers to as a “power woman”. She does what she wants, when she wants and how she wants and that’s just how it is. She runs a magazine whose main audience is the daily “power woman”. Yet Natalie is alone and can’t seem to understand why all of her relationships never last until her friend Jan refers her to The Haven. Natalie had no idea what she signed up for but apparently failing to submit sexually to her partner is one of her biggest flaws and The Haven is going to teach her how to gain pleasure by submitting. But things turn more complicated than ever when her instructor, Simon, makes her melt in more ways than one. Soon Natalie finds not only her body bound to the bedframe, but her emotions as well.

Now, let me be clear, this book is all sex. Sex, sex, sex, pure and simple. Don’t go into it looking for a love story and some kind of sweetness for your heart. I mean sure the story revolves around Natalie broadening her sexual horizons and in turn falls for her instructor but it’s not meant to be taken so seriously. I didn’t really feel the connection between the two main characters, but who cares?! It’s about the sexual encounters people!

So in short, if you’re itching for some smutty smut, this can definitely fulfill that craving. Just make sure you view the shelves that I placed this book in so you know what you can take!

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