“… some hot chemistry all mixed in with a little bit of sweet…”
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I was utterly helpless, once I read the blurb of this book I had to have it. It’s like Sabrina York knows all my favourite troupes and decided to squeeze them all into one book. One, it had a gruff, sexy, silent, strangely vulnerable, big teddy bear of a hero. Two, the heroine was a fiery and unconventional Scottish lady. Three, they fall in love after they marry – I love it when a marriage of convenience turns into more. How could I resist that?

I’m glad I didn’t resist, I really liked this book, it was exactly what I needed at the time. Something a little fun and a lot sexy, these highlanders really seem to know how to please a lady. This book may not be for everyone, the main crux of the story is the communication problems. However, this all stemmed from Alexander having a speech impediment and being embarrassed about it.

Despite the communication issues they have, all of which are fairly quickly and adorably over come, Alexander and Hannah are great together. Right from the start of the book you can feel the chemistry between them, and the connection only grows the more they get to know one another. So, if you are after a romance that has some hot chemistry all mixed in with a little bit of sweet, then you need to give Hannah and the Highlander a try.

Now, on to the next book in the series.


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  1. This book surprised me. I thought I would like it but not as much as I did. These 2 characters were really cute together.