Review: Gus by Kim Holden

Review: Gus by Kim Holden
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Released: May 19, 2015
Genre: New Adult
Pages: 389


“I’m even more in love with him [Gus] than I already was!” ~ Under the Covers

Here’s a disclaimer.  I absolutely freaking loved having my heart broken reading BRIGHT SIDE.  And Gus was one of my most anticipated reads this month because of that.  I couldn’t wait to see this awesome guy get an HEA.  It may have been a case of high expectations ruining my enjoyment, but I sit here a bit underwhelmed writing this review.

The first part of GUS I loved.  He’s still dealing with the aftermath of Katie and I think the author did an awesome job at showing us how much it affected him.  It wasn’t easy, and it wouldn’t have been easy for him.  I found myself several times tearing up at the heartbreak he went through.  The hurt he felt.  That part was perfection.  I don’t think Ms. Holden couldn’t done a better job and I think this was much needed reading for anyone that went through BRIGHT SIDE.  You NEED to read this part.  You NEED to heal along with Gus.  I’m even more in love with him than I already was!  Don’t get me started on the ugly tears that came down when he watched the video Katie left for him.

But then we get to his HEA and I’m not sure it was what I wanted.  I liked that he doesn’t jump feet first into a relationship and Scout and him form a friendship bond that will stay true.  But I also think the timeline should’ve been forwarded a bit because I am not sure that I could buy into where things end up in the time frame they do.

All that being said, it took me a while to warm up to Scout, and I found myself not caring so much for her page time at the beginning.  I knew there was something deeper going on with her and when it does come out it didn’t impact me as much as I wanted it to.  I do think the great part of them together is that they are both there to help each other heal.  So it was a nice complement.  Their sticky notes back and forth were endearing and I loved how he could write with the help of her presence in a way.

I hope that we get more from this group because there are so many more I want to read about.  Maybe Franco next?


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  1. I started Brightside but didn’t get but a chapter in when I decided I wasn’t in the mood for an ugly cry book from what I’d read. I’ll try this series again at a later date.

  2. I really like seeing characters like Gus, and it takes great talent when a author can make you feel their emotions. I haven’t heard of this author or this book…but that is about to change NOW LOL Adding this author to my list.

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