“A very sexy Christmas story with a sweet HEA.” ~Under the Covers

The first of three novellas in The Smutketeers Present: A Kinky Christmas Carol…

Holly Knight is the feisty and beautiful head of Knight Enterprises in Chicago. She’s almost 40 and married to her job. Her sex life is an endless line of one-night stands with business men that she meets in bars, beginning her encounters with one demand: no names.

Ebenezer Hall, known as Ben, is hired to close a merger between Knight Enterprises and his London publishing company. He’s a notorious womanizer and relishes the thought of the games he will attempt to play with Holly to get what he wants from this business deal. When these two come together, Holly realizes that their chemistry is beyond her ability to resist. Looks like her rule of completely anonymous sex will be broken. Can she come out of this merger with her heart still intact and in its shell?

This was a fast and hot story of two hedonists that find themselves shocked to the core that their hearts have been claimed by the very person whom they first saw as a game and nothing more. The chemistry between Ben and Holly is playful and teasing at first, but later turns into an inferno of desire. Ben is sweet and charming, blond with a sexy little British accent. He’s not the cookie-cutter character that you might imagine him to be, which is what really made the story for me. As you can see by the cover, there are three hot men that manage to get Holly in bed in one encounter. A threesome had been her fantasy for years and this foursome was definitely more than I expected. There is some scorching male-male action here that was seriously hot. I want to see more of Justin and Kit! A very sexy Christmas story with a sweet HEA and some very funny character names!

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  1. After laughing my ass off at the title alone, I finally wiped the coffee I spewed from my mouth and nose and read this post.
    Then I did a “holy shit!”, saw that there was three guys on the cover, NOT two, and thought, how can that seriously work?
    Hmmmm…must do research and look at book, lol.
    Great post!