Review: Get There by Megan Hart

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Review: Get There by Megan Hart
Get There
Book Info

Released: February 5, 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 65



“Megan Hart takes on the long distance relationship, the longing and the coming together, in a very unique way.” ~Under the Covers

In this short Valentine’s Day story, Megan Hart takes on the long distance relationship, the longing and the coming together, in a very unique way.

Edie is a writer for a popular TV show.  She met Ty at the fan forum online during a chat with him when he was doing the graphic novel related to it.  After that they had a whirlwind romance, albeit a long distance one.  Now, just a little while away from their wedding and from spending Valentine’s Day together in their new home, things might happen to prevent that.

To cope with not being together they write each other “letters” that are not really letters.  They’re basically screenplays as Edie would write for the show of different scenarios of them coming together.  But will reality live up to the inked expectations?

As usual, this is a Hart story.  You can feel the characters emotions every step of the way.  But this extremely short and at times it’s hard to get very into the story when there’s not enough there.  That’s kind of what happened to me here.  What we got was great but I needed a bit more.

I am intrigued also by the side characters and what will happen after the show.  Maybe we could get that story another time?

Megan Hart is still to date one of my favorite erotic authors because the way the words flow has an almost bittersweet and magical feel.  And GET THERE is a perfect example of that if you haven’t tried her.

Favorite Quote:

“Champagne’s for drinking, not for spilling.”
“I beg to differ, babe,” Ty whispered back.  “Champagne is made for spilling if it means I can lick it off your body in all the places it drips.”

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