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“G IS FOR GUMSHOE is possibly my favorite one yet.”
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G IS FOR GUMSHOE is the seventh book in the Kinsey Millhone series and it’s possibly my favorite one yet. I’ve enjoyed all the books so far in this series but there’s something about this book that just gripped me from the very first page.
First of all, Kinsey continues to elate me. I love that she isn’t too fussed about a lot of things. She’s a straight-laced girl who doesn’t moan over dumb things. Her practicality makes her very endearing to me and it makes for great pacing in the book because the narrative is never bogged down by any external distractions. It’s all about the case, but Grafton still makes it fun.

The case in this one is unique because it involves a missing person. Kinsey is asked to hunt down an elderly woman whom her daughter hasn’t heard from in a while. What she finds is a complex and loony woman who could either be deranged or just suffering from old age. Kinsey isn’t quite sure but things start to get even more deadly for her when she learns that someone put a hit on her. This is the part of the book that kills me. Not only was I terrified for Kinsey, but there’s a character named Dietz that I really liked in this book. There’s tension there and I was thrilled to see this play out in the story. I know Kinsey isn’t a woman who needs a man to survive, but she is still a woman. I like that Grafton gives readers enough to tantalize and tease but not give us the whole bone. It keeps things interesting.




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