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Review: Furyous Ink by Saranna DeWylde
Furyous Ink
Book Info

Released: July 25, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Pricked
Pages: 83


“Full of unique elements, some humor and gave me one hell of a hot ride.” ~ Under the Covers

There are very few things that draw me in on a cover…one of those is tats.  And that was mainly the reason I wanted to pick this up.  Well, that and the fact that I recently read a short story by Ms. DeWylde in the HOT AND HAUNTED anthology and thought it was the best story in that book.

So back to FURYOUS INK.  I can be a little thickheaded sometimes and the title didn’t clue me in.  This book has a Fury in it!  I don’t get to read about them enough.  Megaera Eumenides aka Meg, is a fury and a tattoo artist.  She is also the only clue that Detective Marcus Kage, a Lycanos working his last case before moving on to another town where they don’t realize he’s aging.  The case?  There’s a serial killer of sorts, targeting Amazons, and all the victims have in common is a tattoo.

This story is sexy right off the bat (well, not right at the beginning when there’s a body to be found).  Kage and Meg are pretty hot together, even when they think they won’t end up together because the happiness of a mate is not for them.

The mystery of the story was interesting, with a lot of different supernatural elements that I’m not used to reading about (furies, amazons and killer spiders) along with elements that I I’m more familiar with (lycans and witches).  Looking for the killer threw me for a loop because I wasn’t expecting who the killer ended up being.

I find that Ms. DeWylde can write a very enthralling story (and I’ve only read her shorts) and FURYOUS INK was full of unique elements, some humor and gave me one hell of a hot ride.

Favorite quote:

“So how does one book a Fury ride?”

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  1. I love the name Kage, the tattoos and the fact that it’s a paranormal romance…I so wanna read this-thanks Francesca!

  2. Hm……I might have to look this up. I love a tatted hero, but he’s lacking that on the cover, lol. But his name, Kage—-Mmmmmm, sexy!
    I don’t think I’ve read about a Fury before, sounds interesting.

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