Review: Fury of Ice by Coreene Callahan

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Review: Fury of Ice by Coreene Callahan
Fury of Ice
Book Info

Released: June 5, 2012
Series: Dragonfury #2
Pages: 419

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“Ms. Callahan delivered another action packed story, including a very alpha male, a kick ass heroine, and still made the story every bit as fun and romantic as the first. “~ Under the Covers

Fury of Ice is the second installment of Coreene Callahan’s Dragonfury series. Ms. Callahan delivered another action packed story, including a very alpha male, a kick ass heroine, and still made the story every bit as fun and romantic as the first.

This story’s focus is on Angela Keen and Rikar from the Nightfury dragons. Angela is the human detective who was in charge of Myst’s disappearance from the previous book. Rikar is Bastian’s BFF and right hand man. He is also the very hot, Frost Dragon. How Ms. Callahan made an ice dragon steamy-hot? I have no idea but she did a great job doing it.
The story takes place shortly after the last book had ended, where Angela was abducted by the Nightfury’s nemesis, the Razorbacks. Though Angela did well to escape on her own, she had Rikar to help her along and he brought her home.

Angela played her role as very strong leading lady. She never played the pity card and she stayed strong despite what Razorbacks had done to her. Rikar also played his role well as the alpha hero. He knew from the get go that he felt something for Angela and was determined to protect her. He was rough around the edges but very sweet when it came to his mate. I believe this is my favorite of the two books and it’s not because the heroine’s name is Angela either, although, I should add one more star just for that very reason. =D

The rest of the team was great to see. Forge, Wick, Venom and Sloan are all very funny in their trash talk, banters and sarcasm. Bastian and Myst are around and continue their role within the lair. The question of Myst’s survival when she delivers her baby is still a mystery but there is hope that Forge can help. He is one of the older dragons that may know how. He is definitely another dragon to watch for. His brogue Scottish accent and persona will be the death of me *sigh*. His story will be amazing no doubt.

There was a side story that was brewing to be very intriguing. Mac, Angela’s partner, has more to his story then what we see. I don’t want to say too much but it looks like he will play a very important role in this series. As far as his heroine, well, wait until you find out who it is. My jaw dropped when I found out. I’m hoping you will get the same reaction as I did.

Overall, Ms. Callahan has out done herself with another well-written and engaging story. I am looking forward to get my grubby hands on the next book, Fury of Seduction.




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About Coreene Callahan

After growing up as the only girl on an all-male hockey team, Coreene Callahan knows a thing or two about tough guys, and loves to write characters inspired by them. After graduating with honors in psychology, and taking a detour to work in interior design, Coreene finally gave in and returned to her first love: writing. Her debut novel, Fury of Fire, was a finalist in the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest in two categories: Best First Book and Best Paranormal. She combines her love of romance, adventure and writing with her passion for history in her novels Fury of Fire, Fury of Ice, Fury of Seduction, and Knight Awakened. She currently lives in Canada with her family, a spirited golden retriever, and her wild imaginary world.


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