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“Coreene Callahan did an extraordinary job with this intricate world of humans and dragon shifters. Everything about this book had me turning the pages one after the next.”
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This is a long over due praise and review to a wonderful debut novel. I’ve read it few weeks back and had procrastinated on my reviews. So here goes.

Coreene Callahan did an extraordinary job with this intricate world of humans and dragon shifters. Everything about this book had me turning the pages one after the next.

The Dragonkind exist but endangered and their numbers continue to dwindle. It’s bit complicated as it’s not that easy for these male dragons to produce offspring. They are only fertile twice a year and only with certain human females that have certain “energies”. Unfortunately, even when pregnancies occur, the mother does not usually survive the delivery.

Though procreation is at top priority, for the Nightfury, saving humans from the Razorbacks (rogue dragons) comes first. These rogues are on a mission to up their numbers by impregnating any female they can. Then, kidnapping the babies as their own.

Bound by duty, Bastian and his Nightfury dragons will do what it takes to protect human kind, take responsibilities to the orphaned babies, and raise them the right way. And one night in a rescue mission, Bastian will meet his mate Myst, a nurse practitioner. Fates as you call it, as they meet in the same place with similar intentions… to rescue a dragonkind baby.

Fury of Fire is one of the best books I have read this year. It is action packed, full of humor, banter and it had an interesting plot of dragonkind. The romance was also great and it had a good amount of smexy scenes. Bastian is very alpha and Myst is a very independent and strong heroine. I love their chemistry together. The secondary characters were definitely entertaining and I found myself wanting to know more about them. I am especially interested to know more about Angela *cough*beautiful Name*cough* and Rikar who is obviously to be the H/h for the next book. Rikar, Wick, Sloan and Venom are Nightfuries we can expect to hear more of or hope for anyway. These guys have the funny banter that will have you LOL several times in the book.

Now here’s the thing, this book has some similarities to the world of BDB; language, some personalities, love, humor, banters and camaraderie between the brothers. But….it is also a world of its own. So, if you like BDB and you are open to something similar, these Dragon Shifters are alpha males you can enjoy. I truly enjoyed them and I highly recommend this book.




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  1. I really enjoyed this one too. I did have a moment of “oh please, quit the BDB ripoff” when the guy referred to a towel as a “white n fluffy”, but it was really entertaining!