This book has raised the inevitable question. Do I need to make a new GoodReads shelf? Although there were only two people in the relationship, Lauren and Xairn, there is his extra cock to consider, do I make a new shelf for those heroes so well endowned that just one cock won’t cut it? And what do I call it if I do? I am thinkng two-cock-delight or double-banana-surprise…But despite the horrible shelf dilemma it has caused I LOVED this book, definitely the best book in the series. This book carries on almost straight away from Sought. Xairn has taken Lauren and himself to get their DNA changed so the AllFather can’t find them. But the AllFather is no longer after Lauren anymore, he now wants Xairn back as part of a diabolical plan to gain immortality.

What I loved most about this book? Xairn, I just wanted to cuddle him close to my quivering bosom, then have him put me over his knee and spank for being such a bad naughty girl. I never thought that a grey skinned, red eyed and double cocked alien would ever float my boat, but seriously Xairn floats a whole fleet of my boats and then some. He manages to be vulnrable yet tough and protective; drop dead gorgous yet not realize it and tortured but not whingey. Ode to Xairn (the abbreviated version) is now finished.

Now lets start on Lauren who is by far my favourite heroine in the series. Unlike the other crazy chicks in this series she realizes she loves Xairn quickly and doesn’t try and fight it, instead she tries to make her relationship with her warrior work; this endeared her to me massively. I mean I don’t get why would you resist being bonded with such perfect men? It irked me in the other books; I wanted to get some serious slappage down with Liv, Sophia and Kat, what is wrong with them? When a sexy, honorable, devoted-to-you alien with a giant love stick knocks on your door (or beams you to his spaceship) you DO NOT run away, you start riding the love train as soon as you possibly can! *takes deep beath* right rant over, back to the book!

As this is an erotica book, I should talk about the sex. Honestly, there isn’t as much as you would think, and it mainly occurs towards the end of the book. What Found does is build up the sexual tension between Xairn and Lauren until eventually it explodes. It is hot and it is kinky if you like a little bit of BDSM you will definitely be panting by the end.

This book also continues the story between the Kindred and the Scrouge, led by the AllFather, Xairn’s father. I liked this story, it has kept the books in this series tied together and now that this has been concluded, I wonder if there will be anything similar to tie future books together. I know that this was originally supposed to be the last book in the Kindred series but I can see at least the potential for two more books and I really hope thar Ms Anderson continues to write books in the Kindred universe. This has been one of my favourite series this year it is something a little different, romance-erotica-scifi is not something you come across everyday and each book has drawn me in and left me wanting more.

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  1. “double-banana-surprise… ” and “giant love stick” hardest I’ve laughed all day 😀
    I just finished this one yesterday. I was on Amazon a few days ago wondering when the new books was being released and HAPPY SURPRISE it was available NOW! wOOHOO! I love the series so far, which surprises me because I’m not a very sci-fi person (I blame Alein Huntress/Gena for me taking a chance) But holy giant hot dudes batman. <3 it
    Also can’t wait to read more Rast