“Until the very end you don’t know if that closure will be happy or not but the journey was interesting nonetheless.”
~ Under the Covers

I was conflicted when I finished LEAD ME NOT because at the end I was not very happy with the ending and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be emotionally ready for a follow up.  I both wanted to see the HEA and was scared of what I would have to go through to get there.  So I sat on this book for a while because of that.

Now having finished it, it was exactly what I was fearing.  I’m not sure I can say my favorite thing to read about are addicts and the mistakes they make and excuses they come up with for the actions they take.  FOLLOW ME BACK pissed me off at times even as I kept holding out to my hope.  I struggled back and forth with wanting Aubrey to be there for Maxx, and at the same time wanting her to turn her back on him because she didn’t need all that after what he had already gone through because of drugs.

This is not a happy book, obviously, so if that’s not the mood you’re in then don’t pick this up because it may just drag you down.  But I think I waited for the right time and I managed to enjoy this if for nothing else that it gave me closure.  Until the very end you don’t know if that closure will be happy or not but the journey was interesting nonetheless.

This is not the type of book I feel a connection with.  I couldn’t relate to either of the characters and I wasn’t that invested in either of them but I was able to enjoy their rollercoaster from the outside and wish along the way that things were going to work out for them.




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